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 Wapping Lane Long Crendon

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PostSubject: Wapping Lane Long Crendon   Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:24 pm

Hi all

i had a long chat with my mum the other night she lived in the cottage at the bottem of this small lane in the above village.
Now i didnt get the story correct about the cottage door.
So im sorry about that.

1. the cottage wasnt a one up one down it had two bedrooms you had to walk through one to get to the other.

2. it wasnt a summer night it was early december night.

3. there wasnt a door at the top of the stairs like i said but there was a door at the bottem.

4. now i said in the story my granma didnt do much but she did she few open the door and called up the stairs "COME OUT AYATT"

Now my nan was def at the time now she was told there had been a criple living in one of the cottage that was burnt down and died in the fire now he could have lived in the cottage that was damaged draged himself across the floor and fell down the stairs and died?
now my nan being def could have mistaken ayatt for harret?
my mums looking into the history of long crendon she has books on the village.

I do think this would be a great place for an investagtion now that ive had a chat with my mum she has told me more about this wapping lane and cottage.
Now im nor sure how or if the place is still as active but im going on sunday morning to check it out and knock on a few doors

ive found out there was 3 cottages there 2 burned down and the last one that my mum lived in was damaged but saved from the fire.
somtime after my mum and family moved in it must have been somtime in the early 1940s.
Now my mum has told me she had some very strange expirances in the garden and cottage like the cottage door story i wote about.
Now this is another thing that happend to my mum
Now summer she was playing alone in the garden when 3 children seem to appear as if form know where and asked my mum if they could play with her my mum only being 5/6 years old and with 2 other brother much older was only to happy for them to play.
the children were called christopther, emliy, and fallover chris was about 12 years old emily was about 7 and fallover was my mums age about 5/6 years old now he was called fallover cuz that was he always did was fallover everthing thay did or played he would end up or strat by falling over!
chris always carried a long stick like a staff emily alaways had things in her pinny pockets like cork, pins or string that would always come in handy when they were out playing.
they would always want to go off expoloring or doing somthing a little dangerous that would have put my mum in harms way but even time she would ever get hurt in anyway....
Now my mum played with the 3 children day after day in the summer going off for hours & hours at a time and ever came to any harm like i said.
Now my uncles said they ever saw these other children playing with my mum,
now you my think this is an over acttive imagnastion on my mums part....but this is the strange thing a few days towards the end of the summer a cousin graham came to vist at wapping lane and was told by this mum togo and play with my mum as they were both about the same age so off he went into the garden to find my mum.
only to return to the cottage mins later to say my mum was already playing with 3 other children in the garden the lad seemed scared and unwilling togo back out into the garden at this point he was froged matched out into the garden to play with my mum the lad wasnt to happy now on coming close to my mum playing the chris, emily, and fallover....he was told "you see she is playing alone silly boy"!
No graham protested mum was playing with 3 other children, he ran off back into the cottage.
about the same time chris ,emily and fallover said they had togo....they never retuned to play with my mum ever again!
also my uncles have said the have seem a woman in the cottage sat at the bottem of the bed looking at them my uncle jack said she must have been 6 foot at lest he told us he put his had through her one time thinking it was his mum
he also said she looked very sad.
another time my mum was swing on the swing in the garden on a very hot summer day and the tree the swing was tied to was like it had a storm raging inside its brances but ever where else was still as a mill pond.
Now my mum took her nephew there a while back just to look at the cottage and lane and tell him about where my mum lived as a child he got scared and want to leave almost right way....he didnt say why he kust wanted to go asp!

Like i said ill going to pop over there on sunday see what i can dig up
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PostSubject: Re: Wapping Lane Long Crendon   Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:05 am

Hi Phil

Thanks for that , it sounds really interesting , maybe you are right , maybe it would be worth a visit .



Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Wapping Lane Long Crendon   Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:48 am

Hi Ian

im popping over this morning to have a look around take a few pics ect
i did forget to add the 3 children my mum played with that summer were dress in victorian style mum only realized this years later when she was watching a program on tv, about that victorians
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PostSubject: Re: Wapping Lane Long Crendon   

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Wapping Lane Long Crendon
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