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 150 RavenCroft Bicester

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PostSubject: 150 RavenCroft Bicester   Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:51 pm

Hi all hope your all well.
Case History: 150 ravenCroft Bicester Oxfordshire
The above home is only about 8-9 years old and was built on fram land
Its home to my girlfirend and her 3 children aged 14, 11, and 6 years.
Now ive been with my girlfirend for about two and a half years now and that was when all this strated but there has been long gaps in the goings on.
the first time anything happend was on christmas day two years ago.
myself juila (my girlfriend) her brother and his wife were all in the kitchen the time was 10:15am i remember the time cuz i had just gotten somthing out of the oven and the timer went off the kitchen looks out on the back garden with the window looking out into the garden.
there is a small pato that runs along along the wall below the window.
Juilas brother was let aganist the sink chatting to us all when he said
"Whos that boy in the garden"? we all looked and sure enough there was a small boy no more than i would say 7....poss 8 years old walking along the small pato towards the back door,
i put the tray down on the side and went to open the back door that leds into the garden thinking it must be one of the kids from the street playing (there are alot of kids this age in the street of this age)
Im sure juila said "uh prob one of the kids form next door"
I opened the back door ready to say hello you should be at home on christmas morning opening your gifts.
There is a short wall between the the window and the back door prob about 1 metre long.
The small boy went out of site for a moment as he past from the window to the wall and towards the back door.
I opened the door to great him....there wasnt any little boy there!
but we all saw him.... and small boy 7-8 years old white t-shirt black or dark gray shorts brown hair.
the kitchen went dead quiet we all did know what to say.
Then it must have been over ayear since the second time i alone saw him only for a moment but he was as clear as day stood in the hallway half looking in the hallway and half looking into the living room.
Then we was gone!
then the movment from upstairs started like a child playing running from room to room bang hard on the floor so hard the light fitting shook!
One summer eve about 6pm myself and one of the gfs sons were sitting watching tv when we heard 3 huge bangs from upstairs that shook the room thinking the other two kids were up there playing about i shouted up from the livingroom
"hey knock it off"
But then my gfs son pointed out that they were outside playing i looked out the livingroom window and sure enough they were out there playing
her son and i went outside! for a while
the third time i saw the boy was on the landing upstairs only for a fleeting moment but he was there more sounds and bangs have been heard coming form upstairs
4th time was in the garden he was stood by the back door and the last time was also in the hallway just stood there looking right at me but the times ive seen him its only been for a moment and no more.
Now the latest thing was myself and juila were sat in the living room around 9ish two weeks ago last sunday night when we heard somone coming down the stairs
i looked at her and said "you heard that right"
She agreed how ever was coming down the stiars must have heard us say that cuz thay stopped half way down
I was about to shout up and say come on kids its a school night and you should be in bed....but the gf stopped me and said "phil the kids are at there dad remember"
We just looked at eachother and i said to her "see now do you believe there somthing here"?!
she said nothing and went on watching the tv
the other thing that happend was her oldest son was home sick and he rang me at work almost in tears saying there was somone upstairs running about in and out of the bed rooms openning doors and sounds like somone is openning the cupboards draws, sadly i could come home but gf did and took him to a mate home for the rest of the day.
also the dinningroom doors have a habit of openning on there own and closing shut as well.
Ive dont so digging on the site the house was built on and like i said it was farm land there is a fram across the road and there has been one there since 1300s
called landford farm there is also a road that runds parts the farm and that always been there there is also a stoneage village just up from the fram ive pulled up old maps of bicester showing this area and ive gone back as far as 1856 i think and is show farmland so cant really find anything to link this little boy with the area only thing i can come up with is hes from the ww11 for sure just by what hes got on he looks like a blitz child from one of the big cities but i cant find any record of any blitz kids coming to bicester as the has been an army town since the great word and ww11 as well
Now as for an invesgaiton its a go iver asked juila and she is happy for us to come and do one so let me know what you all think please
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PostSubject: Re: 150 RavenCroft Bicester   Tue Nov 25, 2008 9:00 pm

anytime mate
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PostSubject: Re: 150 RavenCroft Bicester   Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:43 pm

wow this is fab phil well done on research too send me details. i think guys this is one we could do before xmas would be good to get something for sure will all this activity. please keep a log phil of everything till we sort something out about coming to you. cheers
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PostSubject: Re: 150 RavenCroft Bicester   Tue Nov 25, 2008 11:27 pm

Count me in... this boy is very interesting, the key areas are the garden, stairs and upstairs.... what time of day is a normal time, just might help decide when to investigate...

Barri when can we do this!
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PostSubject: Re: 150 RavenCroft Bicester   Tue Nov 25, 2008 11:59 pm

Wow Phil thats sounds pretty good and very interesting .



Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.
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PostSubject: Re: 150 RavenCroft Bicester   Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:41 am

Hiya Guys,

Please conunt me in on this one if possible.

Living only 12 miles away it would be a great first Investigation
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PostSubject: Re: 150 RavenCroft Bicester   

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150 RavenCroft Bicester
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