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 Possible places to investigate in the South West

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PostSubject: Possible places to investigate in the South West   Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:00 pm

Thought I'd add a few of my thoughts to the list!

The list of possible locations seems endless - no idea how easy these places would be to get in to especially as some run their own events! Have tried to add a bit of background info too which I can't take credit for, just borrowed from other places!

Kitty Jays Grave on Dartmoor
As you travel the road between Heatree Cross and Hound Tor you come upon one of Dartmoor's most poignant monuments, the raised grave of Kitty Jay. Standing on an earthen path and guarded by a tangle of skeletal trees, the grave has a distinct aura mystery about it and no-one who pauses alongside it can fail to be moved by its melancholic feel.

Although little is known about the woman who supposedly lies here, tradition tells that she was an 18th century workhouse orphan who, having been ruined and deserted by a fickle lover, hanged herself and was buried at a crossroads with a stake driven deep into her heart, as was the custom for dealing with suicides then.

In 1860 her bones were re-discovered and re-buried in this wayside grave on which for years afterwards, fresh flowers would mysteriously appear each morning. Even when the blizzards of winter had covered the moor with a thick blanket of snow, the flowers would appear, although no footprints were ever found in the snow surrounding the grave. Today there are frequent reports of a footless, female figure that is often seen floating eerily above the wayside grave of Kitty Jay.

Being on Dartmoor I would assume that it's free to investigate which is a bonus!

Lydford Castle
Lydford’s ancient Norman Castle, built in 1195, gives the bizarre impression of having sunk into the mound on which it stands.

Once inside the roofless tower, you can climb down to the now underground level and, with a cursory glance upwards at the massively thick walls, get the vivid impression of what a fearsome and intimidating place this must have been when, in the Middle Ages, it was used as both a court of law and a prison. During the reign of Henry V111 it was described unflatteringly as “one of the most heinous, contagious and detestable places within the realm” and the castle still evokes cold shivers today.

The Castle’s spectral inhabitant is said to be Judge Jeffrys who, in the aftermath of the Monmouth rebellion of 1685, meted out savage retribution on behalf of the, soon to be exiled, King, James 11 at the notorious “Bloody Assizes”. He held court in many Devonshire Towns and legend holds that he was at his savage and judicial best at Lydford, despite a scarcity of historical evidence that he ever visited the village. Whether he did or not, such was the loathing that his memory inspired in these parts, that he has long been said to haunt Lydford and its castle in the guise of huge black pig!

Bodmin Jail
Visited twice, once during the day and once on an over night. The day was actually better with the night being a really frustrating and badly run ghost hunt. I'd love to go back with people who are doing it for the right reasons, not to cash in!!!

Jamaica Inn
Again have had two visits to this location, is a really great place to visit. Whilst not very original (I will admit) if the team could get in there am sure they'd find it interesting. Again they do their own thing so might not welcome outside teams!

Bovington Tank Museum
Supposed to be quite active with a lot of military hardware which would bring with it its own energies I should imagine. Would certainly be different than the usual!

Woodchester Mansion
Supposed to be quite haunted, looks like they might welcome groups coming to visit!

The only other thing I can think of is something to do with the Bideford Witch trials - the last hangings of witches took place in Exeter. At Exeter Goal. I've seen a commerative plaque about this but not sure on other details?

They are just a few of my thoughts on places around about where I'm living.
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PostSubject: Re: Possible places to investigate in the South West   Tue Nov 18, 2008 6:41 pm

Hey Peaf,

Excellent post here. Well researched and thorough. We have mentioned some of these places in the passed and I have personally investigated Woodchester Mansion and places around Bideford in Devon before. The Grave on Dartmore would be brilliant in the spring or Summer. I wouldn't advise anybody visit in the cold winter though lol. Ian is very local to these places, and would lead any investigation in the S.West. I am sure he will be thrilled with this research, and may consider them for future investigations.

I really like the sound of Kitty Jay's Grave, and Bodmin Jail.

Great job P. Keep it up. Very Happy
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Possible places to investigate in the South West
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