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 my strange experience.

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my strange experience. Empty
PostSubject: my strange experience.   my strange experience. EmptySat Sep 08, 2012 7:19 pm

I had been hammering EVP sessions on a daily basis for 2 years in my own home.
I started to say hello to possible spirits and goodbye overtime I left my home.

I started to record a woman who would repeat her self a lot.
I found after a while when I stopped doing the welcome thing I began to experience bangs and cold spots in my home.
I would get k2 spikes upto 3 lights.
I and my partner heard a bang from upstairs, so I ran up thinking my son had fallen out of bed but nothing.he was fine.
I walked into my bedroom and I heard a man's voice say my name.
All the hairs on my arms and neck felt staticy.I wasn't expecting nothing.

I told nothing to my partner as she was not aware how much I was recording in our home.
I experienced a woman whisper to me in our front room.
At 1st I thought it was outside but then I heard the following..."you can hear me can't you?".
I was given a very big message and it was repeated on certain parts.
The voice was very very posh...
Brace yourself...Love your mother, love your father, love your son, love your daughter, love your brother, love your sister.....Stop what your doing.Get rid of the stones, get rid of the books, stop drinking, stop smoking.It's a big world out there my son.There is so much you don't understand.
There's a lot of bad things out there and there are good.
Listen to your heart as its trying to tell you something.I'm trying to help you.

This was repeated a lot on the Love your family parts and stop drinking part.
There is so so much more that happened and it just went very bad.

I ended up making myself ill over it.
I can only say it's made me stronger but I just don't understand it.
If I read this I would say what a load of crap but it was very real for me.
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my strange experience.
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