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 Chatham Dockyard

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Diamond Lady

Number of posts : 4
Age : 47
Location : St Leonards on Sea
Registration date : 2012-02-22

PostSubject: Chatham Dockyard   Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:23 pm

Hi Everyone, hope you are having a good day...

It is hard to pinpoint the most haunted place I have been, as there are so many... but I would say that Chatham Historic Dockyard is among the top of my list.

I briefly worked at Chtham Dockyard over 14 years ago. I had an office job that was based in the old fire station there... often I would need to stay after office hours to finish off my work.

For no reason at all, there would be a very strong smell of pipe tobacco in the room with me, and objects would move, items would fall off desks, particularly in the back room... That used to happen very often.... There were many accounts of figures being seen in the dockyard that would vanish as soon as you looked directly at them.

I remember one particular time when the power went out in the building that used to make ropes. The security guard called for an emergency electrician, as the ropery was to be open to a coach party the next day... The electrician finally came and armed with a flashlight, went into the basement of the ropery by himself.... He managed to identify and fix the problem with the electric but when he came back up he was in a terrible state - he said that something kept blowing in his ear at the point of him connecting live cables together (a very dangerous job) and when he looked up, there was a man standing to the side of him in a full uniform and hat... the figure then dissappeared and the poor electrician was left in abject terror.

Just about every building in that dockyard is haunted... even the big open plan warehouses that front the river... I personally have heard screams comming from there at night, and when I have gone to check, there has been no-one there... it is a facinating place and well worth a visit.

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Lead Investigator

Number of posts : 1096
Age : 47
Location : Plymouth, Devon, UK
Registration date : 2008-01-16

PostSubject: Re: Chatham Dockyard   Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:21 pm

Hi Diamond Lady,

That really sounds like a great place to investigate. I will put it on the list for possible future locations.

We've got a similar place here in Plymouth, the Devonport Dockyards, but they aren't open to public, as they are still part of an active Naval Base and MOD property.

Those screams you've heard... do you remember what time of the year that was when you heard them? Foxes sprang straight to my mind, especially when i read your description of that area, open plan warehouses that face the river. When foxes mate (and there are foxes in cities), they scream and it almost sounds like humans. Cats would be a possibility as well. The sound being distorted by the walls of the buildings and the acoustics due to the open river and the sound bouncing off the walls and being amplified through this on top... et voila, one has a terrible human scream.

LOL sorry, that's me trying to find an explaination for anything and everything... that's the way we work Wink

But that apparition and the other things you describe aren't so easily explained.
I'd really love to investigate that place, wire it up with cameras and conduct a full scale invo there.

You said, that they are doing coach tours there? Do you know if they allow paranormal research teams in?

Thanks for sharing this with us,

Lead Investigator & Researcher - Devon:

"Dark the other side is!" ... "Oh, shut up, Yoda, and eat you toast!!!"
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Diamond Lady

Number of posts : 4
Age : 47
Location : St Leonards on Sea
Registration date : 2012-02-22

PostSubject: with ref to chatham historical dockyard   Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:08 pm

Hi Hella,

I guess it could be foxes... that is a possibility Surprised ... I remember that there is normally a lot of activity around autumn and winter time...

They shouldnt mind if you want to investigate the place... so long as you dont damage anything... although it would be prudent to check that you would be able to do this.... I know they have 24 hour security, the security guards are a brilliant source of information, and they are a really friendly bunch (at least they were when I was there) Very Happy

I recon it would be a really good media angle from their point of view if you were to investigate there... here are their details.... almost everyone who works there has seen something that they cant explain...

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust,
The Old Surgery,
The Historic Dockyard,
Kent ME4 4TZ

Telephone: 01634 823800
Fax: 01634 823801

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Administrator, Founder & Lead Investigator

Number of posts : 1802
Age : 46
Location : Plymouth
Registration date : 2008-01-16

PostSubject: Re: Chatham Dockyard   Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:10 pm

Thanks for the post Diamond lady , very interesting , we have been to Fort Horsted near Chatham which was an interesting evening , the only problem was he was a bit on the greedy side and wanted a huge amount of money for investigations. but this may be worth looking at .


Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Chatham Dockyard   

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Chatham Dockyard
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