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 Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth

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Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth  Empty
PostSubject: Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth    Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth  EmptySun Dec 19, 2010 10:54 am

Ther have been many sightings and reports of different spirit that apparantly haunt this park and former estate

The estate was original owned by Williamle Abbe during the reign of King Henry III, the demolishen of the E-plan Elizebethan house that was the central point of history for over 600 years excited many it was said that it could reveal the truth behind some of the legends inclucing lost treasure and secret tunnels in the grounds and walls.

Walter le Abbe was the successor of William and soon took on the name of Radford , the remains of the two norman style abbeys were passed down through the family until it was passed on to the well regarded Harris family during the reign of King Edward VI 1461-1483.

The house and estate were owned by the Harris family for over 500 years during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I Sir Christopher Harris represented Plymouth in Parliment and was also Vice Admiral of Devon , he entertained most of the high ranking officers from the Royal navy including the victory celebrations of those who took part in the defeat of the Spanish Armada including Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh and Captain Hawkins.

Today the park is still intact and is a fantastic reminder of the Beautiful estate that once stood there with its mock castlel gates that are still standing and the picturesque lake and trees .

There are many reports of hauntings in this park which considering its age and history is no suprise , there is the reported sighting of a monk in full habit that has been seen at the gates of the lodge , in earlier times the sound of the monk chopping wood could be heard from the main house.

There is also an account of a strange animal that has been sighted with saucer like eyes , which on many occassions scared the servants in the house , which led to the its occupier not to allow servants to take any food out of the house , he thought that them taking food out would aggravate the apparition.

In the later years towards the end of the 30's bells that had been disconnected could still be heard ringing in the servants quarters.

The most popular and recent reports have been that of the White lady , she was one of several girls living at Radford house in the 18th century , the story says that she has met a lad from nearby Oreston but her father said that she was not to mix him , but she went against her parents and met him in the grounds , they took a boat across the lake , which is said to have capsized drowning them both.

This apparition has been seen on many occassions over the last few years sitting by the lake , whilst walking dogs in the park, and there have been many sightings in recent years .

When the weather gets a little warmer i think that we should undertake an investigation in the park area to try and disprove some of these tales are they just tales or is there some proof to these reports .

Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth  Founderleadinvestigatorrbutton

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Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth    Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth  EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 8:29 pm


Absolutely brilliant place to investigate I've done so many a times.

Sadly, only once with a camera at about 1am, in Febuary or so. I stupidly did not take any warm clothes though and eventually left after doing a short lap around the woods, missing out the place where the monk is famously spotted.

However once whilst going through with some friends, this time at about 10pm, words failed me as despite being in total darkess I saw a totally inexplainable bright white mist.

I do however intend to launch my new ghost show there this month with that opening. So watch this space I guesss Smile
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Radford park Plymstock, Plymouth
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