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 EVP between dog barks?

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PostSubject: EVP between dog barks?   Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:53 pm

Just wondering what members think of the attached.

Let me explain the background: this 30 sec recording was taken by me at about 1pm the other day, not as an EVP session but purely to record a neighbour's extremely irritating dog!

It was taken out in the open, with no other (living) being within 500 yards. The dog in question is that distance away, and it's owners were away. The nearest house to me is that distance away.

Equipment was an Olympus VN 1100 PC DVR using the built in microphone. The device was pointed towards said mutt and laid on a piece of foam.

One can quite clearly hear, between the barks, the sound of a woman's voice with a Midlands accent. One gets the impression that she is talking to an animal or a child to start with.

I have considered all possibilities and the most likely seems to me that this is residual (as opposed to intelligent) EVP.

This is what she appears to say:-

"Come on ........come on then ....... now isn't that polite? ........ now isn't he polite? ........ going outside ? .......... what's the first direction he parked? ......Oh."

Any contrary opinions gratefully accepted!
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PostSubject: Re: EVP between dog barks?   Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:46 pm

Hi Grayowl
I've listened to your evp over and over and there is more than one person talking it seems like the woman is walking to another person a man maybe?... you can hear someone else on the recording but you cant make out what they are saying.
But there is another person in the back ground....also you can hear movement close to the Olympus at if someone your something walks past or moves the device was this you?....or could it have been a breeze?....what was the weather like that day?, it is very close to the start of the recording.
Now if what you have said there wasn't anyone else in the area at the time then this is very strange...are you 100% sure there wasn't anyone around maybe passing your house on the road outside you did state in your first post that you live right out the way was in by chance some walkers passed by?
Was you there for the whole of the evp?...or did you leave it running and go off into the house?
You can clearly here the woman and you right in what she is it would be interesting to try and work out who and what the other person is saying in the recording.
i don't think she is talking to a child or a animal i think she is talking to someone she knows well like her husband or very close friend.....well that's what i think you may disagree please tell me what you think?
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PostSubject: Re: EVP between dog barks?   Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:09 pm

Hi Greyowl

Thanks for puting up that audio file it's very interesting , there is defiantly a woman there and it does sound like she is talking to the dog or maybe even another person.

I am i right in saying that the nearest house to you is 500 yards away and that there was nobody within 500 yards ?? , if there is nobody within 500 yards you would have alot of difficulty hearing that womans voice unless the wind was in your direction, sometimes sound can travel for quite a distance ,i am going to run it through adobe audition and see what i can pick up.

Thanks again for that


Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.
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PostSubject: EVP between dog barks?   Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:31 am

Thanks guys for listening.

There are of course all sorts of possibilities. I can say with some assurance that there was nobody between me and the dog, as it is an open field. I am not an acoustics expert, but if the woman was in the vicinity of the dog then she would have had to have been almost shouting to be picked up.

I was with the recorder the entire time. The weather was clear and sunny, the wind 1.3 mph and from the SW (I'm a bit of a weather nerd, so can be precise on these things. A light breeze.), i.e. the opposite direction from which the dog was barking. In that direction there are no houses for a couple of miles.

I could vaguely detect other mumblings, but with my basic listening and acoustic software skills, I wasn't able to make anything of it.

My curiosity was aroused because the phraseology was consistent with EVP ....... short phrases, fractured sentences etc.

Another one .... for the unexplained
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PostSubject: Re: EVP between dog barks?   

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EVP between dog barks?
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