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 Growing from strength to strength

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Administrator, Founder & Lead Investigator

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PostSubject: Growing from strength to strength   Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:24 pm

Hi Team

Well it does certainly seem that we are growing from strength to
strength , not only do we have two events coming up in the next two
weeks , but we have also been asked by Richard Felix to assist him on
an investigation on the 6th Feb in near Exeter , with the possibilty to
assist on future investigations which may include the Jamaica inn and
maybe even Chillingham castle later in the year, and i am sure that you
will all agree with me that this is something that we cannot refuse or
turn down, in my opinion he was the person at the beginning that gave most haunted its character and when he left thats the moment that it started to go down hill.

So things are moving on and Toni has proposed the idea of creating a
glossary for members and the public for the homepage that would include
definitions and meanings of terms and words that you would come up
against in the paranormal, which is a great thing because last year i
purchased the domain name Ghostfinder paranormal database so i think
that we have found a use for that, and there would be a direct link to
the database , but you must all understand that something like that
will take alot of time build , so please dont expect it to soon.

Thanks for listening guys



Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Growing from strength to strength   Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:10 pm

Hi Ian
well i must say this is great news for G.P.S! really looks like we as a team are going to just get stronger as the year goes on ...oww from little they say!...if you need any help with anything please drop me a line anytime i would be happy to help in any way
Having Richard Felix on the books is good news...and what with the ace locations you have listed it seems like things will be very interesrting...well done Ian!

Toni idea for a database is a very good idea it would help out the public and the G.P.S team & members...
One thing I've noticed about G.P.S is that no matter how big we will be or get we have not lost what you and Barri set out to do witch is to help and try and make people understand the dark and strange world of the paranormal i think this is what still set aside from all the over paranormal groups.
Also that why we will be the here when lots of over groups are long gone.
Even tho G.P.S. has started G.P.E.....We still have not lost the ultimate goal helping people.
Like ive always said im just glad to be part of it all since joining G.P.S. things have changed for me so very much.
I really feel this is going to be another golden year for G.P.S.
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Lead Investigator

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PostSubject: Re: Growing from strength to strength   Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:46 pm

You are right there, Phil.
Although we were permanently expanding and working on all sorts of different projects during the last 2 years, we have still never forgot why we actually started to work in a team. And all the interviews, TV programmes, internet presence and now the workshops were and are only there for ony one purpose: to help people understand the paranormal, show them how to find explanations and most of all show them that they are not alone, that there are people, that are willing and able to help them.

Sure, Barri and Ian made sure that we never lost track, but a very, very big chunk of the credit goes to the whole team.

Without such a wonderful team G.P.S wouldn't be as unique as it is and people like Richard Felix wouldn't even think about working with us.

So let's wait and see, what this will bring, whatever the oiutcome is, I am sure it will be only positive.

But it will be a weird feeling for me, to do an investigation and a workshop without Ian.

Lead Investigator & Researcher - Devon:

"Dark the other side is!" ... "Oh, shut up, Yoda, and eat you toast!!!"
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Location : Plymouth
Registration date : 2009-05-07

PostSubject: Re: Growing from strength to strength   Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:46 pm

This is fantastic.

All of it...

The investigations, the events, the team and now Richard Felix too!

The more we do as a team (wether it be together or operating in seperate places) the stronger we become. All of us adding more and more hours under our belts. Everything takes time.

I found, from watching Most Haunted, that Richard Felix has a passion and a desire for this topic that is far beyond the norm. He never ceased to amaze me at his eagerness to get involved and dive deeper into the subject. It was so frustrating sometimes to see the rest of his team pull back while Richard was so keen to push forward towards paranormal happenings.

I think the paranormal world grew on him over time. His passion for history blended extremely well with his new found passion for the paranormal. The two combined have made Richard an awesome investigator.

I am so looking forward to working with him soon. It will be a pleasure and an honour to meet this highly knowledgeable individual.

GPS, as a whole, is spreading its wings and starting to fly. How far and how high is unknown as there are no limits.

Keep up the great work everyone. We're just warming up Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Growing from strength to strength   Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:05 pm

That's fantastic news, WOW what an opportunity not to be sniffed at. Working with a seasoned Pro, such as Richard Felix you must be absolutely thrilled and to work with someone who has such extensive knowledge, passion and dedication just shows he's done his research, which equals the Kowledge, dedication and passion that GPS also possess.

Ian - Barri, I take my hat off to you guys and say WELL its been said before and the title of this post GPS .......GROWING FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH

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PostSubject: Re: Growing from strength to strength   

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Growing from strength to strength
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