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 Ye OldeSwan Tavern

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PostSubject: Ye OldeSwan Tavern   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:51 pm

Ye Olde Swan Tavern

Newport Road
Woughton On The Green
Milton Keynes


Tudor tavern is over 400 years old and is famous for its legend of Dick
Turpin who is said to have stayed here frequently to escape from his
crimes. A stone outside is believed to be that of Dick Turpin’s, which
he used to mount his horse quickly. Also this building holds a secret
in the cellar where a doorway leads to a passageway to the church
across the road. This is believed to have been an escape route for the
monks who were escaping from reformation during the reign of Henry VIII.
Paranormal Activity

owners of the inn have reported many strange experiences. Geoff Bevan
one landlord tells of some his strange experiences “We were
redecorating one time and had the stalls on the tables but when we came
down the next morning all the chairs would be on the floor. This was
most strange as noone had been around to move them and no draft could
move the chairs. That was quite spooky. Also one time the TV awaked me
during the night downstairs. I thought it was my wife Dawn watching TV
but thought it was strange to be doing so so late at night. I went
downstairs and found the TV off but I could hear what sounded like a
party, laughing and singing which when I entered downstairs just
disappeared and faded into the distance. Dawn once mentioned to me
about a time she saw a lady looking at the lunch menu, she said that
the food wouldn’t be ready for another hour but the woman just walked
away and disappeared into a wall. Many customers report being pushed at
the bar, I always laugh now when they say. One daunting experience
though was when a large heavy jug which was hanging up behind the bar
just decided to fly off and land the right way up on the floor, right
in front of customers during a Friday lunchtime. The bread in the
kitchen seems to fly off sometimes too, its always the bread, I don’t
know why but its like someone wants us to know its there but uses bread
as it cant do much damage. My daughter has spotted a man walking
through walls upstairs once. I’ve also seen what looks like a man in a
cloak in the bar downstairs.”
It is also said that curse beholds the stone outside that once belonged
to Dick Turpin and that if anyone is to move it something bad would
happen to them. Well one customer decided to try this theory and moved
the stone but just a week later he was involved in a rather bad car
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Ye OldeSwan Tavern
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